Water hiking in the Brohmer and Helpter mountains

The Brohmer mountains are always worth a visit – explore the area by canoe or kayak! You can namely discover the peaceful nature by boat.

Lübkowsee from above

A nice paddeling tour takes you on the Zarow from Friedland to Grambin. It is 42 km long in total and the journey takes two to three days. The river is characterized by a very low current. In summer, heavy weed growth can be a hindrance.

The tour mainly leads through a quiet meadow landscape and begins on the Datze below the mill pond in Friedland. The Datze usually has little water, is very flat and soon flows into the Landgraben. A short time later, the Peene-Südkanal joins it. This is the fastest water connection from Friedland to the Peene and thus to the Baltic Sea.

After a weir you drive past the Putzarer See and the Lübkowsee, which invite you to take a cool bath and take a break – for example in “Melittas Seeblick”. You can also rent one of the two bungalow settlements.

On the Landgraben you also have the opportunity to admire a very interesting low moor area with its diverse flora and fauna: the Great Friedland Meadow.

In Ferdinandshof you will now find a place to shop and accommodation. From here the Landgraben also changes, merges into the Zarow and runs through the Ueckermünder Heide. On this route you will also find some weir systems where the boat has to be carried, but also makes the journey very varied. Finally, the Zarow widens and flows into the Stettiner Haff near Grambin. Here you will find accommodation and camping facilities in the Oderhaff Camping Park.

Anglers at Lübkowsee near Schwichtenberg

Friedland also offers another beautiful paddling tour. After inserting into the Datze, you can paddle over the Landgraben/Großen Landgraben to the Tollense. Unfortunately, the route is not completely passable because of the beavers and the boat has to be carried more often.

However, the Tollense can also be traveled in the other direction. It is a quiet, narrow, little-used river and winds through a varied meadow valley. The Tollense is a total of 68 km long, has its source in the Tollensesee near Neubrandenburg and flows into the Peene near Demmin. From there, the paddling tour can be continued in both directions – either in the direction of Anklam or to Lake Kummerow.

The launching at the Tollensesee is possible, but because transfer points follow shortly afterwards, the launching is only possible afterwards, at the Mittelsten Straße in Neubrandenburg. Other transfer points are located in Altentreptow, Klempenow, near Tückhude and near Vanselow.

At first the course of the river is divided into the partially canalized Ölmühlenbach and the Ober- and Unterbach canals, which join after about 1.6 km to form the Tollense. At Klempenow – where there are also resting places with tent possibilities and you can enjoy the good view at Klempenow Castle or treat yourself to a break in the café – the Großer Landgraben flows into the Tollense. Here you could now continue the paddling tour across the Zarow to Grambin.

If you stay on the Tollense, you will have another opportunity to take a short break and camp in Sanzkow. Then, after the confluence of the Augraben, you pass the southern outskirts of Demmin and enter the Peene River before the town.

Fascination of nature while water hiking in the region of Brohmer and Helpter mountains

Also on the Peene River you have many interesting opportunities to discover the surroundings by water. It flows in numerous meanders through untouched nature, through forests, meadows, peat ditches and fens. There is hardly any gradient on the Peene, the trip is possible in both directions. Rest stops can be found about every 20 kilometers, occasionally more densely.

Within five days you can paddle from Dahmen at Lake Malchin to Anklam. This tour is 102 km long in total; you hardly have to expect any current and you do not have to pass any transfer points.

If you are attentive, you can catch sight of rare waterfowl and sometimes even endangered species. Seen here: Black Terns building their nest.

A nice, quiet paddling tour over three to four days would also take you to the Tollense. Across this river, again, you are free to go to the Landgraben and the Zarow. The tour is 38 km long in total. On the first day you paddle from Kummerower See to Aalbude, on the second day you continue to Trittelwitz. Afterwards you will reach Demmin through a beautiful mixed forest. Here, the Tollense now flows from the right into the Peene, on which you can ride to Sanzkow on the fourth day.

If you don’t want to take the route via the Tollense, but continue paddling in the direction of Anklam, the now widening Peene will take you to Loitz, Alt-Plestlin, Jarmen and Stolpe. After arriving in Anklam, you will reach the Peene River after another 9 km ride. It is possible to continue to the Kleine Oderhaff or the Achterwasser near Usedom.

Not only hiking – also relaxing!

A beautiful paddling tour of 82 km – about three to five days long – takes you on the Uecker from Warnitz to Ueckermünde.

The Uecker River runs from the Oberuckersee lake near Warnitz through the towns of Prenzlau, Pasewalk and Torgelow, passing through a biodiverse landscape of marshy meadows, forests, silted-up lakes and quiet valleys to its mouth in the Stettiner Haff in Ueckermünde. You can put in your boat at the Schifferhof bathing area at the southern tip of Oberuckersee or a few kilometers further north in Warnitz. Rest areas – some with tenting facilities – can be found in Warnitz, Prenzlau Pasewalk, Torgelow, Eggesin and Ueckermünde.

From Pasewalk to Ueckermünde you can paddle on the Uecker in both directions at summer midwater, because the current is rather weak here. The exit to the Stettiner Haff promises you a beautiful view of clean beaches with clear water. From here you can also continue to the Peene River, across the Peene River to the Baltic Sea and the Oder River.

If this tour is too long for you, you can also try a smaller route of 14 km. For this you first start in Torgelow and then paddle via Eggesin to Ueckermünde. It is worth making a detour to Ukranenland in Torgelow on the way, where you can immerse yourself in the interesting history of the Slavs in Western Pomerania.

You would like to explore the region by bike instead?.

Cycling in the Brohmer and Helpter mountains