Brohmer & Helpter Berge Tourismusverein e.V. (Brohmer & Helpter mountains Tourism Association)

The association “Brohmer & Helpter Berge Tourismusverein e.V.” takes care of the tourist destinations and hosts of the region.We would like to introduce our guests to our landscape, nature and culture and wish them a pleasant stay in the Brohmer & Helpter mountains.

Our goals

Promotion of tourism in the Brohmer and Helpter mountains and their surroundings

This is to be achieved by regional and supra-regional advertising, mediation of vacation accommodations, assistance in the creation of attractive leisure and recreation offers of a non-profit character.

Support of the areas, environmental, landscape and monument protection.

We achieve this by cooperating in the creation and improvement of projects serving tourism (expansion of the network of cycling, hiking and riding trails, creation of nature trails, preservation and protection of natural monuments and the like).

Promotion of art and culture

To assist in the preparation of cultural events and resident artists in member communities. As well as the facilities located in the territory of the Tourist Association (joint promotional events, joint promotional items).

Beautification of the town, landscape in the area of the association

Participation in the preservation and shaping of the region of the Brohmer and Helpter mountains and their surroundings as well as the active enforcement of nature conservation.

About us

The Tourism Association Brohmer & Helpter Berge e.V. has set itself the task of strengthening tourism in our region. We represent the region of the Brohmer and Helpter mountains in the tourism associations and are a strong partner for the tradesmen in the hospitality and accommodation industry.

At least once a year there is a members meeting to which all are cordially invited. The Board of Directors consists of long-standing members of the Association. It meets regularly, at least once a quarter. We provide our members with assistance in designing their Internet presence and their entry on the site.

The tourism association chairman Matthias Brückner welcomes the mayor of the city of Friedland on the occasion of the mayor bike tour 2021.