Your way to the region of the Brohmer & Helpter mountains

South of the Brohmer Berge runs a section of the Federal Highway 20 (BAB 20), tangent to the terminal moraine in a west-east direction.

The mountain range is easy to reach from the highway junctions Friedland and Strasburg.

East of the Brohmer Berge, the B109 runs from Berlin via Prenzlauer to Anklam. To the west runs the B196 from Neubrandenburg via Friedland to Anklam and to the south the B104 from Neubrandenburg via Woldegk and Strasburg to Pasewalk.

Again south of the BAB 20 runs the railroad line Bützow-Szczecin, on which regional express trains of the line RE 4 run every hour. The nearest train station to the Brohmer Mountains is Oertzenhof.

There are coordinated connections to Berlin in Pasewalk and Neubrandenburg, and to Hamburg in Bützow.

Arrival by train

Use the connection of the Deutsche Bahn and the regional train
Arrival by train to Strasburg (Uckermark) via

Call a Taxi

from Oertzenhof: +49 3963 210 504

Arrival by bike

The best-known cycle path is the Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Path. With a total length of 625 kilometers, it leads from Lüneburg through the Brohmer Berge mountains to Usedom.

You can also discover the unique landscape of the Brohmer and Helpter Mountains on a bike on the Brohmer Mountains & Randow Valley Loop Trail.

The Berlin-Usedom long-distance cycle route is considered a classic in the region, is relatively easy to ride and highly recommended for beginners. In Pasewalk or Torgelow you can turn west into the Brohmer Berge.

The Ice Age Route Trail runs through the region in individual stages and promises a journey on the traces of the earth’s history that will melt away cycling vacationers, amateur geologists and nature enthusiasts alike.

More informationen for cyclist:
Cycling in the Brohmer and Helpter mountains

Arrival by car

Calculate route (via Google Maps)

from Schleswig-Holstein via the A20

from Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt and southern

from Usedom (city) over the Peene to the Brohmer mountains