Gutshaus Blumenhagen (Blumenhagen Hall)

The list of protected monuments in the village is long.

Blumenhagen, Jatznick, Deutschland

The elongated two-storeyed building was used as a school between 1945 and 1992, these days, it seems more of a rubbish tip than the site of a listed monument.

First documented in 1375, the manor house itself most likely dates back to the 18th century with an annex building from 1870. The last owner before expropriation in 1945 was the Flügge family.
The list of protected monuments in the village is long, even the cobblestones on the road towards Groß Luckow are amongst the listed monuments, but the restoration backlog is considerable.

Blumenhagen is surrounded by beautiful landscape, located on the southern slope of a terminal moraine, southeast of the Zöllner Bruch (Zöllner mire).

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Altwigshagen (Altwigshagen Hall)

What two world wars and the cold war could not destroy, slowly fell to decay over the last three decades

Gutshaus Ballin (Ballin Hall)

Of special note: features a baroque octagonal closed lantern crowning the roof and a two-storey six-axis porch.

Gutshaus (Herrenhaus) Cosa (Cosa Hall)

Cosa was originally a house made of many farm houses which was subordinated to the Brohm Hall.