Gutshaus Eichhorst (Eichhorst Hall)

With its loss of cultural value and historical significance, Eichhorst appears in the Land Reform Black Book.

Eichhorst, Friedland, Deutschland

To most people in the area, the manor house in Eichhorst is still known as the school that was established there in the mid-1960s. But the manor house, which these days belongs to a Dutch owner, has stood empty for years.
In 1821, the mansion was built on the foundations of a predecessor building. At the time, landowners were the von Belows, an aristocratic family.
After that, Karl von Engel, hereditary lord of Breesen and his family are named as owners. The von Engels expanded the estate and its buildings, and added various outbuildings.
Jürgen Werner Count of Schwerin is listed as the last noble owner. He managed the estate until its expropriation in 1945.
The aristocratic estate was turned into the people’s estate over night. In an issue of “Freie Erde” (Free Earth, now Nordkurier) from 1970 you can read the following: The merger of “LPG Fortschritt” Eichhorst (agricultural cooperative Progress Eichhorst) and “Frischer Wind” Liepen (Fresh Wind Liepen) took place on 1 January 1970. The new cooperative is registered as number 0244 under the name “LPG Frohe Zukunft Eichhorst” (LPG Happy Future Eichhorst).
From 1964 on forward, the manor was home to the local high school, where students were accepted until well into the 1990s. The eyebrow dormers still adorning the roofs of the estate in the 1920s vanished during the cold war. With its loss of cultural value and historical significance, Eichhorst even appears in the Land Reform Black Book.

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