Gutshaus Güterberg (Güterberg Hall)

The central point of the village is the castle-like manor house.

Güterberg, Uckerland, Deutschland

Güterberg was first established as a settlement for farmhands working on the estate. Over the centuries there were several owners: families von Arnim, von Blankenburg, von Fahrenholz, von Steinwehr, von Eicksteth and von Winterfeld. From 1776 to 1945, Güterberg was in the sole possession of the von Arnims.

The central point of the village is the castle-like manor house, built before 1870, a last remnant of the former glory of the country gentry. Nowadays, the generous park surrounding the estate offers sports facilities and a village pond with lush plant life.

In der Nähe

Gallery in the Strasburg Museum (Um.)

For many years now, a variety of art exhibitions, special exhibitions and readings have been held in the small gallery of the museum. Above all, artists from the region give an insight into their work.

Gutshaus Lübbenow (Lübbenow Hall)

The grounds border a small lake in the east, unfortunately there is hardly anything left of the landscape garden.

Gutshaus Hornshagen (Hornshagen Hall)

From 1816, the estate was extended with stately buildings, the Hall was established and joined by a smithy and extensive stables.