Rothemühler Forst

Discover fairytale wood sculptures on the nature walk.

17379 Rothemühl
Tel: 03976 4318
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In one of the most beautiful parts of Western Pomerania, between Randowbruch, Brohmer Hills and Stettin Lagoon lie the forest offices of Torgelow and Rothemühl. It’s area amounts to 150,000 hectares, 16,000 hectares of which are committed to the unity of commercial, protective and amenity woodlands under the forest office administration.
The main species of tree to be found are pine, beech, oak and alder. One inevitably comes across Rothemühl, a picturesque location amidst the woods, that offers everything one might need for a relaxing holiday. Whether you want to explore the region on foot, on horseback, with a carriage or by bike, the fairy tale cottage, the maze, the bridge of lies, the Rotenborn spring, the herb garden or the fairytale on the nature walk just wait to be discovered.
The local traditional club organises an annual Spektakulum, which is always worth a visit.
Tip: Visit the forests around Rothemühl in August and September. This is the rutting season of the red deer, a spectacle in itself.

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Neuensund (Neuensund Hall)

The old salt and herring road runs through the historic estate.

Slavic rampart

Take a break on the old castle mound and enjoy the view over the rolling landscape of the Brohmer Hills.

Gutshaus Heinrichswalde (Heinrichswalde Hall)

The property is now privately owned and is being lovingly restored as a home.