Observe roe deer, wild boar, red deer, foxes, badgers, eagles and many other wild animals on around 1000 hectares.

Klepelshagen 2
17335 Strasburg (Uckermark)
Tel: 039753 297-0

Wildtierland (wildlife country) is an adventure with wild animals who roam freely here and follow their natural rhythm without enclosures. At the heart of the experience Wildtierland is the “Deer Valley” – an area of around 100 hectares that remains untouched by human hand.
Visitors can watch the majestic red deer and other wildlife along special themed trails – no longer a common sight in the world.
Not only the fauna but also the flora is remarkable in its biodiversity. The nature preserve is kept from human influence, no trees are removed, dead or otherwise, thus serving as a habitat for over 2900 animal and plant species.

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Neuensund (Neuensund Hall)

The old salt and herring road runs through the historic estate.

Fuchsberg (Fox Mountain)

Enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape of the Brohm mountains and relax at the Schmiedegrundsee.


Sprawling woods invite pleasant walks, rigorous hikes and jolly bike tours through nature.