Studio – painting school – gallery

In the Peggy Steike estate inspector's house

Peggy Steike
Luisenstraße 9
17099 Galenbeck
Tel: 01741560610

The art Atelier for political and commissioned painting and the gallery in the Gutsinspektorenhaus in Lübbersdorf near Friedland are certainly worth a visit, and not just for those interested in art.

This is where the painter Peggy Steike paints, draws and teaches.
The studio has existed since 2006, the painting school since 2011, at that time still in
Innings at Lake Ammer. In 2017 the painter moved to Lübbersdorf with her family. In addition to murals and company logos, she also creates portraits and animal portraits and landscapes on customer request. Painting courses can by those interested be visited regularly after registration.

The current dates can be found in the relevant section:

Atelier für politische Malerei und Auftragsmalerei
Seminare deutsche Geschichte/Holocaust/Aktion T4
Schulseminare Kunst und Geschichte
Mal-und Zeichenschule
Gutsinspektorenhaus Lübbersdorf
Luisenstrasse 9
17099 Galenbeck
Tel: 0174-1560610

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Lübbersdorf (Lübbersdorf Hall)

Over the centuries, the hall has seen many changes and extension.


Visit the northernmost German reservoir and the Brohmer Church, which is of cultural and historical value.