Gutshaus Groß Miltzow (Groß Miltzow Hall)

The entire estate spans 4 hectares.

Groß Miltzow, Deutschland

Erected around 1760 for the von Dewitz family, the manor house has three storeys in a central projection and today is once again in private hand. The neo-renaissance gable is crowned by the alliance coat-of-arms of the von Dewitz and the von Maltzahns.
In the middle of the 19th century, it was rebuilt in the neo-renaissance style. To the left of the house lies the “Luisenhaus” (Luisenhouse), so called because the prussian Queen Luise is said to have spent a night there. (1776-1810).
The estate and its spacious house are  surrounded by the old smithy, a rear house, store buildings, a barn and the riding hall from the 18th century.
From the back of the property you have a lovely view over an artificial pond with willows and a small grove. The entire estate spans 4 hectares, but is not open to the general public.

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Lindow (Lindow Hall)

The manor house once belonged to the Wolgast family and is now threatened with collapse.

Gutshaus Kreckow (Kreckow Hall)

A permanent exhibition of works of Ulrike Rösner and Simon Schade can be visited in the hall

Gutshaus Helpt (Helpt Hall)

The estate with the terrain of the former castle is used diversly.