Gutshaus Vorheide (Vorheide Hall)

The manor house, built in the middle of the 18th century in solid clinker construction with a half-hipped roof, is now left to decay.

Vorheide, 17348 Woldegk

The massive brick-building with its half-hipped roof from the 18th century now lies abandoned and decaying.
The half-timbered veranda lined by representative trees is now barely visible behind rubble heaps.
The formerly state-owned co-op lands of the former outwork of Rehberg were privatised in 1989.
The until then inhabited house obviously was of no interest in that endeavour.

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Rehberg (Rehberg Hall)

The hall is located in the middle of the “Angerdorf” (a village surrounding a village green).

Gutshaus Leppin (Leppin Hall)

The village lives up to its name to this day – Lepa, the beautiful.

Gutshaus Krumbeck (Krumbeck Hall)

The idyllic manor house is located between meadows and forests near the picturesque Lenné Park.