Herrenhaus und Barockgarten Heinrichsruh (Heinrichsruh House and Gardens)

In 1997, the estate was acquired by the Denkmalpflege e.V. (monument conservation association).

Dorfstraße 22
17379 Torgelow

Built from 1750 to 1752 by Christoph Ludwig Henrici. The estate, built around and financially supported by a glassworks that went bankrupt as early as 1769.
The following owners lived off the meagre income the land yielded and were unable to keep up and modernise the estate according to contemporary tastes.
Today, that means most of the features original to the baroque design still exist and can be preserved as a listed monument, standing as an authentic historico-cultural testimony of feudal architecture in the prussian Western Pommerania of the 18th century.
In 1997, the estate was acquired by the Denkmalpflege e.V. (monument conservation association).
The baroque garden was scientifically examined and reconstructed from 2002 to 2005.
It still contains a multitude of the original plants and features, amongst whom are a 250 year old arcade of small leaved lime trees and 20 mighty yew trees that grew from ornamental topiaries.

With new plans for the royal prussian ironworks in near Torgelow, owner Henrici decided to relocate his residence and future retirement home to his leasehold, and started construction on the house and its surrounding sumptuous gardens. He humbly called the place “Heinrichsruh” (Heinrich’s peace).

Heinrichsruh, near the B109, owes its name to its founder Christoph Ludwig Henrici, who leased the land from the Prussian crown.
From the once sprawling garden in the French style, with its hunting park and ample avenues and vistas, only the lower grounds and watercourses still exist today. They are home to peacocks, black swans and a sculpture by sculptor Simone Schade (Kreckow Hall).

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