Forest chapel Mellenau

Lake Mellen and the neighbouring Lake Krewitz are always worth a hike or a romantic day trip.

Mellenau 20
17268 Boitzenburger Land

The beautiful historic chapel in the Boitzenburger Land is a real gem of the region.
The mellenau estate to which it belongs was built by Count Adolf Heinrich von Arnim (1803-1868). His daughter-in-law had the chapel erected in 1906 to lay her late husband to rest.
After the reunification of Germany in 1989, the heir Joachim Dedo von Arnim (1932-2005) returned to his old homeland and settled in Buchenhain and took possession of the family grave and the chapel. Today it is an absolute insider tip for weddings and a place for concerts. The small church offers space for up to 80 guests.

In der Nähe

Gutshaus Vorheide (Vorheide Hall)

The manor house, built in the middle of the 18th century in solid clinker construction with a half-hipped roof, is now left to decay.

Gutshaus Rehberg (Rehberg Hall)

The hall is located in the middle of the “Angerdorf” (a village surrounding a village green).

Gutshaus Krumbeck (Krumbeck Hall)

The idyllic manor house is located between meadows and forests near the picturesque Lenné Park.